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Friends of the Elephant Seal


Friends of the Elephant Seal is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about elephant seals and other marine life and to teaching stewardship for the ocean off this special place, the central coast of California.

The elephant seal colony at Piedras Blancas (near San Simeon) has undergone phenomenal growth. From the first seals, who graced the beach with their presence on a late November morning in 1990, we have seen the colony grow to around 16,000 with about 3800 pups born in 2006.

Since 1997, Friends of the Elephant Seal volunteer docents have been at the vista point overlooking the colony, helping visitors understand these marine mammals. The elephant seals, who seem to lead such an idyllic beach bum lifestyle, actually place more demands on their bodies than almost any animal on earth. Our goal is that with a full knowledge of the natural history of the seals, each visitor will leave with a greater appreciation of these amazing creatures and a greater respect for wildlife in general.

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Friends of the Elephant Seal
PO Box 490
Cambria, CA  93428 
Phone: (805) 924-1628
Fax: (805) 924-1629

Office / Visitor Center
Plaza del Cavalier
250 San Simeon Ave. Suite 3B
San Simeon, Ca  93452


Dave Bauer, President

Abby Adams, Secretary

William Goodger, Treasurer

Dawn Fiegel, Office Manager*

Marcella Boteilho, Bookkeeper/Product Development*

Kathy Dowding, Docent Coordinator*

Bette Bardeen, Director

Bob Grosse, Director Manager

Kathy Hurrle, Director

Polly Tatton, Director

Advisory Board

Mary Lee Becwar, Bill Johnson, Michele Roest,
Brandt Kehoe, Donovan Marley, Tim Postiff


*Non-voting member