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2017 Fall - Breathing at sea, California sea lion, 2017 pup count, Thermoregulation

2017 Spring - Male foraging, Catastrophic molt, New rookeries, National monument

2016 Winter - Internship program, E-seal vocalizations, Births and how to spot them

2016 Fall - Juvenile haul-out, The genetic bottleneck, Stranded weaned pups

2016 Spring - Meet Dan Falat, The value of fur, The 2016 birthing season, Domoic acid

2015 Winter - Rise and extinction of species, FES evolution, National monument status

2015 Fall - New rookery trail open, Why this beach?, Green Tie returns

2015 Spring - Coastal upwelling, Foraging, How do they do it? (Diving adaptations)

2014 Winter - Global warming, A perilous life
2014 Summer - Extention of the Coastal Trail, I recognize that voice!, Intern program

2013 Fall - A rest for the young, It's in the blood

2013 Spring - Off with the old, What have we learned?

2012 Winter - Winter drama, Elephant seal births and how to spot them

2012 Summer - The kids are coming back!, When's dinner?

2011 Winter - Drama on the beach, FES now a Cooperating Association with State Parks,
A visitor to Piedras Blancas

2010 Winter - New life on the beach, Clicking a million visitors, Walk this way

2010 Spring - A month in the sun, Reflections on the 2010 pupping season

2009 Summer - Beach vacations, Elephant seal vision

2008 Winter - New beginnings, The sea around us

2008 Spring - Spring roll call, The 2008 birthing season

2007 Winter - Winter wonders, The seals serve science

2007 Summer - Summer siesta, There is something out there that you should know about

2006 Winter - The seals' winter show, Seal skull, Seal rescue

2006 Spring - Beach buddies, New record pup count, Tagged females and their pups




Plan Your Visit | Viewing Rules | Visitor Center & Gift Shop | For Educators

Books | Internet Resources | Partners | Newsletter




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