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Moms and Pups
Alphas Battling
Photos by Marlena McClain
Photos by Brandon Sideleau
Birth Photos by Geoff West
Photos by Mark Eutermoser
Photos by Cindy Chapman
Photos by Dave Siddoway
Photos by Teddy Llovet
Photo by Jacquie Thye
A Mother Protects Her Pup - Dizon
Photos by Hackmann-Mahajan
Battle for Dominance by Siler
Photos by Stephanie Novakoff
Photos by Judith Feldman

Adolescents Sparring
Marine Mammal Center on the Job
Harbor Seal
Adult Males Battling
Photos by Micki Ortiz
Photos by Denise Kocek
Photos by John Wall
Photos by the Anderssons
Photos by Kathleen McKinley
Photos by Paul Christian
Photos by Patricia Prettie
Photos by Justin Hubbell
Photos by Jim Frazee
Elephant Seals of Piedras Blancas
Photos by Dr. Q Makett
Photos by Julia Thomsen (XplorMor)
Photos by Bud Duke



Elephant Seal Birth by the Nelsons
LA Times Video with Phil Adams
Nursing Pup by Denise Kocek
Charging Bull by Denise Kocek
LA Times with Ken Cummings
CBS News with Leander Tamoria

The Mating Game by the Deckers
Elephant Seal Birth by Heavilin
Battle of the Titans by Heavilin

Elephant Seals Mating
Birthing series by Kris Clifford

Dramatic Battle by Mark.Chiolis



Except for the sound of the breakers and occasional challenges by young male seals, the rookery is rather quiet during the months of March through November. Beginning in late November, however, with the arrival of the adult males who compete for dominance, vocalizing begins in earnest. Then, beginning in late December as pups appear on the beach, their chatter and the scolding of their mothers add to the level and variety of sound. Finally, mating begins in late January and extends into early March with new contributions to the noise level. Click on the pictures to listen in on these conversations. Loading the sound files may take several seconds.














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