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FES Research Reports


Elephant seal vision
Age at first birth and alternate mating strategies
Adaptations for a marine and land existence
Effects of reduced genetic variation in elephant seals
Reproduction in northern elephant seals
Foraging behavior of the female northern elephant seal
Twinning in elephant seals
Scabby molt or not?
Northern elephant seal survival 
Where were the NES in prehsitoric times?
Elephant seal vocalizations 
How important is bone density in NES?
Apnea, Ashore and at Sea

Nasal Turbinates 
Blainsville's Beaked Whales and Northern Elephant Seals
A Review of Northern Elephant Seal Adaptations to a Marine Environment
Comments on Cause of Death 

1869 Report on the Northern Elephant Seal


Research at Piedras Blancas


Reports on population surveys of sub-adult and adult male elephant seals:
The 2014 molting season
The 2015 breeding season
The 2014-2015 molting and breeding seasons (Powerpoint presentation)
The 2015 molting season
The 2015-2016 molting and breeding seasons (Powerpoint presentation)

Population Survey of Male Adult and Subadult NES at the Piedras Blancas Rookery

during the 2016 Breeding Season

10 New Insights about male NES based on results of 3- year survey

during molting/breeding seasons

Ano Nuevo Reports


Falling Leaf Research Paper
NES Colonization at Ano Nuevo 
Ano Nuevo State Park Seabird Conservation and Habitat Restoration

Vocalizations - Winter 2014 - Ano Nuevo Docent Newsletter
Ano Nuevo Interpretive Guide for Docents